• 项目类型:餐饮空间形象设计
  • 项目面积:120m²
  • 完成时间:2019年5月


As one of the first Taiwanese milk tea brands to enter the mainland market, CoCo has formed a solid brand impression in its consumer market. Therefore, the core of the design of the project is to subvert the original impression of consumers on CoCo, create a strong contrast, and at the same time, make the CoCo close to the people get a higher-than-expected upgrade in consumption experience. When pure white meets fresh orange, it is a milk tea shop full of creativity and vitality. This project is located at the corner of the shopping mall, and the available area is very limited. Designer according to the functional division of a store retail area, dining area, service areas, employees operating area and displays multiple areas such as goods, and by means of geometric modelling and the application of space aesthetics and expression, combination of thinking into the indoor environment with interesting scenes, to shape a fashionable, diverse and appear a new tea shop.